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Getting Started Guide

Let's discover Growthflags in less than 5 minutes.


Install Growthflags SDK in the root of your web application

npm i @growthflags/js-sdk

Initialize Growthflags SDK

Initialize SDK

import GrowthFlags from "@growthflags/js-sdk";

const flags = GrowthFlags.create({
env: 'development',
publicApiKey: 'pk_3a693ae7b88bf3afb8d9eca2304e7d66ff484a41bba6e211'

Add method to fetch Growthflags on page load, pass the user

await flags.fetchFeatureFlags({ email: '[email protected]' })

Use flags

const Page = () => (
<Layout mode={flags.isOn("DarkMode") ? 'dark' : 'light'}>